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Changing Our Packaging For 2018

Changing Our Packaging For 2018

Welcome to 2018 lovely followers of Boxworth Botanicals!

Thank you so much for all of your support last year.

We are immensely grateful for the way you spread the word about our plant based skincare and are so pleased to hear about the benefits you are seeing to your skin.

"I have been using the Rose and Frankincense Face Cream now for a couple of months, and I would definitely recommend it. I have quite dry and sometimes sensitive skin, but this cream has been great, and my skin feels fab, the scent is lovely also!"

Thank you each and every one of you....!

Changing Our Packaging For 2018

  • We will be using larger containers. This makes your skincare shopping better value for you and reduces our plastic use. A win for your skin, a win for the environment!
  • Alongside this, we are in the process of working out how to introduce a refill system. We will keep you posted on when this is available.
  • Starting with Rose and Frankincense, we will be introducing frosted glass pots for our creams. This should reduce our use of plastic even further,
  • We will continue to use biodegradable cellulose, recycled and recyclable tissue paper, recyclable brown and white cardboard boxes (pop them in your compost heap!) and biodegradable cellophane for our product packaging. Our pots are top quality, fully recyclable PET plastic too.
  • Our beautiful, fragrant soaps will now be sold in a cellulose wrapper without the plastic cover.
We hope this goes some way on our journey to improving our packaging and our ecological footprint.

    Plastic Free Packaging In The Cosmetic Industry

    Plastic free packaging has become a buzz word in the cosmetic industry over the last twelve months.

    This is partly in response to articles on the BBC, or blogs like this from organic vegetable growers Riverford, but also because the whole of the cosmetic industry is beginning to wake up to the importance of sustainable packaging.

    We don't want to keep seeing this...

    Plastic packaging waste

    It is a huge challenge to our industry because the bottles and pots that hold our lovely creams have all sorts of requirements necessary to maintain the high standard of the products.

    You are buying something with 'active ingredients' in it, so to prevent them from deteriorating they must be sealed within a clean surface. A super clean surface, so they stay fresh in the pot.

    PET plastic is used, because it is fully recyclable. Glass jars too, although they are rarely recommended for bathroom products because they can so easily be knocked over and smashed.

    How disappointing would that be if you had just received your neroli face cream, then dropped and broke the bottle and lost everything all over the floor?

    New, Biodegradable Packaging

    Before a sustainable alternative can become the norm in our industry, the packaging has to be designed, approved and then produced. This takes so much time that we are only now seeing the first signs of a biodegradable packaging alternative.

    At Boxworth Botanicals we are interested in a new product called 'Hemp Plastic'. It is fully biodegradable and made from the stalks of hemp plants.

    Hemp Stalks for Packaging

    It could eventually replace oil based products like plastic.

    At the moment we can't use it because the hemp cellophane is not transparent enough to see our products through, but we are keeping a close eye on this.

    Fingers crossed for its continued development and improvement!

    Your Thoughts On Packaging Our Plant Based Skincare

    We would love to hear what you think about these changes, and where you would like us to go with our packaging in the future.

    Please do contact us now and let us know your thoughts!

    We hope, lovely Boxworth Botanicals followers, you all have a brilliant 2018, filled with good health and great, plant based improved skin!

    Shop our range now.

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