Foot Creams At Boxworth Botanicals

Foot Creams At Boxworth Botanicals

Using Foot Creams When It Has Been A Long Day...

Lovely followers of Boxworth Botanicals, we are going to say this clearly, right here at the start - you need to look after your feet.

It does not matter if you sit all day in an office, or are out there running a marathon each weekend...


Foot cream for a marathon 

It is your feet that take all of your weight, and it is surprising just how many steps you take and how far you walk each day.

Often too, these poor feet are forced into shoes that look great, but maybe are not the very best footwear for walking around in.

What it means is, that your feet will get tired by the end of the day.

A normal, modern life just has that effect.

Check Your Feet, Right Now

Just notice, right now - how do your feet feel?

As I am writing this, mine feel a bit too hot... and they are gently aching around the sides.

Revolving my ankles makes the ankles click.

What they need is a little tender, loving care.

I'm going to stop writing this for a moment, grab a pot of one of our foot creams and gently massage some into the soles of my feet, between the toes and over the ankles.

A simple routine you can do too, for a few minutes, a couple of times a week.

Won't be a moment....

Just Put Your Feet Up!

Now that feels better. Thank you for waiting.

The NHS provide a few tips on foot care, mentioning the role shoes play in affecting your feet. They recommend wearing comfortable shoes at work, but if you can't do that and are forced to wear something smarter, heavier, or with a higher heel then it makes sense to take another pair with you and change into them as soon as you leave. 

Flip flops are another no-no in their book...

foot care no flip flops

On a different front, a friend of ours once walked the Camino de Santiago - an old pilgrimage that goes from France, across the Pyrenees, all the way over to the West coast of Spain and eventually ending by the sea.

Our friend said,

"If I knew about your creams back then I would have taken pots of the stuff with me, gladly carrying them all that way. My feet needed all the soothing help they could get on that walk."


So let that be a lesson - whether you are walking a long long way on your holidays, or just wearing shoes that don't give you much support - a little plant based foot cream will help you look after them..

Which Foot Cream Is Best For You

Here at Boxworth Botanicals we offer you 2 different, plant based foot creams.

One is cooling, one is hot.

Our Cooling Fabulous Foot Cream first then....

Our Fabulous Foot Cream contains Peppermint, which will cool your feet down, but also Rosemary and Geranium.

This makes the foot cream antiseptic, deodorising, anti-bacterial and moisturising.

It is the perfect blend for tired, sore feet and ankles.

It won't be slippy in your shoes and will leave your feet feeling healthy and fresh.

The Story Behind The Cooling Foot Cream

I originally developed the Fabulous Foot Cream about 8 years ago when I was working in Saudi Arabia.

It could be 45 degrees and my feet and ankles were permanently swollen, the sand would blow around and be caught between my toes, which in turn became painful and caused little infections.

So in desperation I made the foot cream using a synergistic blend of the above ingredients, to combine keeping the feet cool with the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties these essential plant oils contained.

It improved my feet no end, making me feel good and them look good - which they had to, because we only ever wore sandals, even at work!

This cream, when used daily, really does make you feel as if you are walking on air.

Give it a go by visiting the Fabulous Foot Cream page here

It is my favourite foot cream!

Our Warming, Intensive Foot Cream

This foot cream is used in a salon we supply, for all their foot massages.

It really is something special, this foot cream...

Warming, Intensive Foot Cream

This warming blend we have made for you includes the calming influence of Calendula, Benzoin and Orange.

What is Benzoin and why use it in this Foot Cream?

Benzoin is a resin, harvested from a tree that grows in the Far East.

It offers us warming, stimulating anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, meaning if your feet have hard or cracked skin, the Benzoin will melt it away.

We are often taught when working in the health care industry that a foot cream must be thick.

But after much experimenting with essential oils, we think this mixture of the immune system boosting orange, the gentle calendula and the reparative, skin softening qualities of the benzoin make this foot cream a winner for those people who really need it.

It is unusual, not a blend you will find elsewhere, but not only does it work it smells divine too (thank you orange!)

The therapeutic benefits are enormous, especially as it is used on our feet, which are such an important part of our bodies. Used daily, the intensive foot cream will make a difference after about 7-10 days.

Using this foot cream is like giving your feet a gift!

Please do read the reviews online, then add it to your basket and give it a go.

"I have been using this intensive foot care cream for a couple of weeks now, and would definitely recommend it! 

My heels were very dry and cracked prior to using it, but now they are well on the way to being 'summer ready!' The cream also smells beautiful too."

Ready To Give Yourself 'Happy Feet?'

So now you know about the creams we make for your feet, visit our foot creams page now and let these wonderful, plant based and chemical free creams make a difference to your skin.

Happy feet Foot creams

 And if you can't decide which one to go for - why not try both!

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