Great Gifts

Great Gifts

You have probably seen that we have made some fantastic new changes to Boxworth Botanicals website recently - a new look, some funky colours and a more active blog, Instagram and Facebook page.

Do check these out as they will keep you up to date with where we are at and what new products and gifts are available for you to buy.


Boxworth Botanicals - Our Promise

What hasn’t changed though is our commitment in taking great care with making you the freshest products possible, packed full of natural ingredients that will benefit your skin.

100% pure essential oils, uplifting fragrances, creams that are gentle on all skin types, plant based ingredients - that is the Boxworth Botanicals promise!


A Wider Range to Browse

Our website revamp has also given us the chance to update our product range. We have long been making some of these wonderful products, the Reed Diffusers for example….

 Reed Diffuser

 … and as popular as they were with customers at our shows and fairs we never found the time to put them on the web shop. Now though, that has all changed, and you can have great fun exploring some of the natural goods we make that you may have previously missed.

Essential Oils Range

Essentials Oils Range


Christmas Is Coming

December 25th is fast approaching and here at Boxworth Botanicals we are sure we can be of help to you.

Looking for a great gift for someone you love? You know the kind of great gift we are talking about - one that will be appreciated immensely, that is thoughtful and of fantastic quality?

What about taking a closer look at our Rose and Frankincense Collection Gift Set?

Rose and Frankincense Gift Collection | Boxworth Botanicals

This gift set contains the rose and frankincense face cream, one of our most popular and well loved skin care products, a rejuvenating face gel and a cleansing toner of organic rose water.

Rose and Frankincense are an amazing combination, we overheard a customer telling their friend just how good the scent was at a show last weekend.

It is heart warming to hear people being so positive about our gifts….

To see if this is the item to add to your cart, take a closer look at this sought after gift now.


A Gift for Gardeners

If the person you are thinking about is an outdoor type, or loves their garden, we have plenty of options they will appreciate.

Gardener's Gift Set | Boxworth Botanicals

Gardener's Gift Set

This gift includes a hand cream, soap and nail brush. We blend a beautiful variety of lavender ‘Mont Blanc’ with pure tea tree oil and a little pumice powder to make sure you will be getting those little digits clean! Applying the hand cream afterwards will help heal your hands and keep them in good shape.

As a gift, it works a treat too - just read this review left by one of our customers recently...

"I’ve bought many of these gift sets for friends who like to be out of doors.
The pumice soap really does shift the dirt. The handcream is ideal for both men and women- not floral but a lovely Rosemary scent.
So, the contents are great and the robust box makes it an easy gift to post.” 

Thank you Janet!

See more of this gift set and its reviews by clicking here - Gardeners Gift Set.


A Gift For Those Outdoor Types

A chill wind blows!

Which is why this dainty little lip balm will not just warm your spirits, but keep your lips from drying and cracking too. It makes the perfect little present. 

Lip Balm | Boxworth Botanicals

Click here to see what variety of lip balm you might choose.


Gifts for Secret Santa

We know, we know - Secret Santa presents can be hard to make fabulous and worthwhile because the budget is so small.

No panic, we have you covered… 

On budget at under a fiver our fabulous foot cream will make someone a fabulous gift.

Fabulous Foot Cream | Boxworth Botanicals

Another one to try, especially if your Secret Santa is someone who sits on a computer all day, is our seaweed and aloe vera eye gel.

Seaweed and Aloe Vera Eye Gel | Boxworth Botanicals

Not only does it cool and soothe tired eyes, it reduces puffiness and can also be used as a natural make-up remover.

Again, the price comes in at under £5 so should easily suit your budget, yet be a present anyone would love to receive.

Does this sound perfect for somebody you know?


Bespoke Gift Service

If you want a few of our products that aren't already gifted together, but would like them to be - Boxworth Botanicals can help, with our Bespoke Gift Service.

To take up this fun option, here is what you have to do:

Send us an email (or give us a call!) with a few thoughts on the amount you would like to spend and the type of products you think the person you are buying for would enjoy.

We can then help you finalise what goes into the gift, keep within your budget, then send it on to your chosen recipient wrapped up beautifully - our gifts are sent in a gift bag with tissue paper and a card, then packaged or boxed with a matching ribbon.

A treat of a present!

Prices for this service start from £10, so if you need help putting together your ideas then email us on or call now +44 (0)1832 710789

Contact Us


Browsing for Gifts

We hope those ideas will give you somewhere to start in your search for the perfect gift. Here at Boxworth Botanicals we take great pride in making these products and know you will be pleased when you receive them. 

Each and every product is made with care here in the UK, using the highest quality ingredients and blended to be effective for your skin.

The people you give these to as a gift will know it the moment they use it - so why not browse our shop a little, to see just how we can help you choose a great gift for the people who matter to you.

Browse the Boxworth Botanicals Shop and Gift Range now.

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