How Neroli Will Help Your Skin

How Neroli Will Help Your Skin

Neroli. A tale bound up with a Princess, her high society friends and her evening gloves - where this wonderful healing oil comes from is quite a story!


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Neroli oil is distilled from the blossom of the orange tree. The smell is not a typical orange or zesty scent, but because it is a citrus many of its amazing properties match those of a citrus oil.

So this is its first benefit - you can use Neroli as a powerful antidepressant. This is also why it is used such a lot in aromatherapy, because it really will lift your moods. 

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Oil Burner

The Benefit of Neroli On Your Skin

We would really like to encourage young women to use Neroli, to make it a regular part of their skin care regime. Certainly if they are just starting out on natural skincare.

The reason it will suit young women (perhaps you have a daughter who could benefit?) is that it curbs the production of oil in the skin. So if, as is common in teenagers, they are prone to a breakout of spots then the healing properties of neroli are going to reduce that. Especially important at such a sensitive time in their lives.

By using our neroli and aloe face cream you help to maintain the moisture balance in the skin.

If you have combination skin, we would also recommend neroli. Again, to reduce the level of oil on the skin, but also because it cleanses, tones and heals so well. It is an incredible stimulant of skin cells and healer of broken capillaries, helping them to regenerate and refresh. The invigorating nature of its scent will also put a little spring in your step.


Neroli - Using It To Reduce Stretch Marks & Scars

Marks, scars and acne blemishes will fade away if neroli is applied. The odd word used to describe this effect on scar tissue is ‘cicatrisant’.

So there you go - when people ask why you smell so lovely, you can reply, “that is because I’m using the distilled oil of the bitter orange tree, also known as Neroli Oil, to improve the health of my skin. It really does help cicatrise my skin…."

If they look at you with raised eyebrows, wondering what you mean, you can easily add, “it basically means to heal. That is why Neroli is known as a healing oil.”

Then of course, you send them here to Boxworth Botanicals so they can try it for themselves!

These excellent properties, in addition to it being anti-bacterial, mean you will also find the oil is used in tonics that are placed on wounds, cuts and scratches. It protects the wounds from the danger of infections and tetanus.

Eau de Cologne, the very first perfume, used neroli as its major component - probably because of the strength of its anti-bacterial properties, making it useful against cholera and providing relief to other severe conditions.

How Else Can Neroli Be Used?

As an aphrodisiac. But we probably shouldn’t go down that route….

Aphrodisiac neroli

There you have it - neroli oil is amazing for your skin, healing marks and balancing the oil and moisture levels. Its fragrance will also brighten your day.

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If you are ready to try it, we sell it in two ways - the skin tonic and the face cream. Go take a closer look now.

Finally, if you aren’t sure of your skin type or want some straightforward advice about our plant-based products - contact us - and we will help you get the best product for you.

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