Natural First Aid Kit - New for 2017!

Natural First Aid Kit - New for 2017!

We take great pride in announcing our newest product, the Natural First Aid Kit. To remove the need for chemical from your everyday life, we have grouped together 5 useful, healing, non-toxic gels and creams to make sure you have on hand everything you need to help your family with a minor accident or injury.

Natural First Aid Kit

Why Develop A Natural First Aid Kit?

One day years ago, our daughter came up to me and asked if I could help.

She was suffering with eczema. The itching on her legs was getting worse and they were becoming incredibly sore and painful. She wanted to know if I had a cream that would help her out.

Of course I could, and I knew just the plant based cream that would do it! Over to you Calendula….

Calendula Natural First Aid Kit

Now I am a massive fan of calendula (you might know them as pot marigolds), I grow lots in the garden and have always enjoyed their bright flowers and all round cheeriness.

But this plant does more than bring a little dazzle to the flower borders in summer - calendula is a brilliant plant for easing skin infections. I also suggest you use a daily application of calendula cream to help keep your skin blemish free.

It really is that good!

To help my daughter, I turned to this plant from the garden and began to make up a cream infused with all the best properties calendula brings. It worked beautifully for her, easing the soreness, and this safe healing balm went on to become the first of our ‘Nourishing’ creams - and is included here in the Natural First Aid Kit.

How Calendula Helps

It soothes inflamed and itchy skin, is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. A herb that should always be in your first aid kit at home!

Keen gardeners will also know that calendula is a brilliant companion plant for your tomatoes, helping to repel whitefly whilst attracting ladybirds, a useful predator who may then eat other pests affecting your crop.

You can even add the petals into a salad for extra, vibrant colour.

What a perfect plant….

Natural First Aid Kit for Camping

The next component of our natural first aid kit is the Lavender Gel.

Lavender Natural First Aid Kit

If you ever go camping, this chemical free gel is a must have. Containing pure lavender essential oil it will help heal skin that is grazed or bitten by insects. So you have just the right treatment for the family if you mistakenly take a picnic on an ants nest!

The Lavender Gel will also relieve the heat from mild burns, should anyone burn themselves around the campfire. Which is easily done, with the excitement to toast those marshmallows just right.

Arnica Gel - this is the foundation of a chemical free first aid kit. If anyone in your family gets a bump and needs to bring the bruising out, or has an aching joint or two, then Arnica Gel is an effective and natural anti-inflammatory. Just apply where needed on the body.

Arnica Natural First Aid Kit

You can buy our Arnica Gel on its own too.

Non-Toxic First Aid Kit for Travel

Our natural first aid kit is easy for you to take away on holiday, as each gel or cream can be taken as hand luggage on a plane.

The tea tree oil included in our kit is an effective antiseptic and will keep wounds clean.

Non-toxic, tea tree oil can also remove the odour of sweaty feet after a long day of plane, train or coach travel, or be an ‘on the spot’ spot reducer if the teens in your family get an outbreak of acne. The simple things work the best.

Tea Tree Natural First Aid Kit

Hand Cleanser

The final element of our first aid kit is the hand cleanser.

Viruses can be easily spread in public places, so take it with you and use frequently when travelling through busy places like airports. You will reduce the risk of picking up an illness that ruins your holiday!

The hand cleanser contains aloe vera too, and also witch hazel. So put a little on your hands and gently rub it in to help you feel fresh and clean again.

The Family First Aid Kit

These 5 elements - the Tea Tree, Arnica Gel, Lavender Gel, Calendula Cream and Hand Sanitiser - have been in our family first aid kit for over 20 years.

I believe in the power of plants, herbs and essential oils to heal us, which is why we make these creams fresh for you here in Cambridge.

No toxics, no chemicals. Just pure, natural ingredients.

If you want a first aid kit that is natural and beneficial to everyone in your family, do make sure you have all of these items in your cupboard.

The only thing you will need to add is a plaster!

Try the natural first aid kit now.

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  • Angela Deavall