Our Harshest Critic | October | Rosehip Oil

Our Harshest Critic | October | Rosehip Oil

Each month Evie Deavall, daughter of company founders Rod and Angela, puts their latest products, and patience, to the test. 

October | Rosehip Oil 

Where on earth did September go? I was quietly mourning the loss of summer holidays and hoping to squeeze a few more summer ciders out of August, when BAM! It’s October and suddenly we’re all reaching for the M&S 90 Deniers and crowding round the barrel of mulled wine in our local like the triffids are coming. It’s got blooming freezing blooming quickly, is what I’m trying to say, And with virtually no warning from Mother Earth, my skin, hair and nails are hideously unprepared. 

This month the parents have launched their brand new Pure Rosehip Oil. And with promises like ‘nature’s answer to the perfect complexion’ I have unreasonably high expectations that I might have just unearthed the holy grail of beauty products (have bought shares just in case). 

The situation: nails destroyed from picking off gel nail varnish during boring reception work (no judgements, please). Hair ruined by daily trips to the swimming pool (to float, not actually do any swimming, obviously). Skin clogged with enough foundation to support a Grand Designs new build. 

First impressions

First things first, the smell. The name ‘rosehip’ is awfully misleading. Sadly, this oil is most certainly not going to have you running slo-mo on Paris rooftops like something out of a Chanel No 5 advert. Instead, you’ll probably smell like you’ve just done a long shift at the chippy. But the answer, my friends, is benefits, benefits, benefits! By foregoing any other ingredients that might make it smell nicer (though this would be welcome), the purity of the oil means that it does your skin the most possible good. I've been using rosehip oil for about two weeks now with, I must admit, great results. Let me tell you more.

The method

I advocate a night-time application, two or three times a week, to give the oil the most time and best chance of doing its work. It’s also easy to just keep a bottle by your bed to remind you. 

Pump a blob of the oil into your hand, which is enough to do the face, hair and nails. For the face, massage it into your skin not forgetting the lips, neck and ears too. Obviously don’t go too near the eyes, and if you’re not planning on washing your hair the next day then avoid going too near your hairline. 

After applying the oil to your face, you should have some left in your palm. Rub some into your nails, cuticles and around the nails where the skin can be particularly dry. 

Now for the hair. With the remaining residue of oil on your hands, run your hands through your hair from the midsection to the ends. NB: unless you are fortunate to work from home or can pass under the radar like ex-Secret Service, I fully recommend only doing this the night before you know you’re going to wash your hair. This is because the oil does make your hair quite greasy. Basically, just don’t think you can get away with it during your 9 am staff meeting. Because you can’t. And the office WILL do a quick whip round to fund a lunch trip to Toni & Guy. 

The results and verdict 

Now I must quickly apologise. This is the perfect moment for some revealing before and after pictures, but I’m afraid this time I forgot so you’ll just have to take my word for it. But I promise I’ll rectify this for next time. 

I must say, Mum and Dad, I am very impressed with the results! Hair is shinier and will tide me over until I get it cut again, which is a big plus. Nails look less like I’ve hacked at them with a butterknife. Skin is positively radiating with health and offers a wonderful short cut to that 'post-gym glow' (right, am cancelling my membership as we speak). 

What more could you want than healthy skin, hair and nails? Oh right, yes, the smell. It’s true - it’s not the most glamorous addition to your beauty kit. But boy oh boy will it be the most effective. Work this into your weekly regime and soon you’ll be working the room like Charlize Theron at the Oscars (disclaimer: Boxworth Botanicals does not in any way guarantee a transformation into or increased resemblance to Ms Theron). 

Miscellaneous notes

Most definitely suitable for men and women alike. I’d be proud if my partner (fictional) decided to start using rosehip oil: couples skincare nights sound wonderful. 

Mum’s nagging me to tell you about all the other uses of rosehip oil, which include age spots, burns, acne, psoriasis, etc etc. Click here for a full list to save me typing out an essay. Is that okay, Mum?

Is suitable for oily skin, which I know sounds wrong but, trust me, it’s not. I have very greasy skin (it’s often said how my skin ‘glows’ and I’m often asked what highlighter I use, and I’m like “no, sister, it’s all sweat and I got it free from Mother Nature"). If you are still concerned about it, apply only once a week. 

Suitable for sensitive skin. And sensitive souls. 

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