Our New Website

Our New Website

Welcome to our freshly updated website.  Many of you will have tried our full range of gifts and products at events and through our stockists and now you can see them on line, read about their benefits and buy them for youself or for friends .You will find lots of different new products which you won’t have seen before.

New for Autumn is 100% pure Rosehip Oil, clinically proven to dramatically improve skin moisture levels , click on the link to find out more about Rosehip Oil. 

We specialise in high quality natural skincare, treatment creams, and botanical gifts that look good and smell wonderful. Our unique blends of creams contain 100% pure essential oils and are all effective treatments.

The website shows all of the different sizes that you can buy by using the drop down menus and includes descriptions of the products with suggestions for example of how to combine things from our complete range of natural face care to get you just what you need.

New to the website are our SLS free soaps which are beautifully wrapped in designer papers.  We have been selling them for 10 years but not online. The fragrances range from Lavender and Goats milk which is very gentle to Mayan Gold, a gorgeous fragrance with flecks of gold throughout. Our soap keeps its fragrance right to the end of the bar and they don’t go soft and squidgy! Take a look at the list.

Just recently we added some collections to the range, the geranium collection which nourishes and protects your skin, the Rosemary and Peppermint collection, zingy and fresh and a great gift for men and boys and the Rose Face collection which gives you a full set of natural products for radiant, healthy and hydrated skin. 

You’ll be able to buy any of the new Hydrosols, the wonderful new skin tonics that soothe and heal and for working hands our gardener’s cream with Patchouli and Rosemary is always a hit for healing cracked and sore hands.

We will be adding new products all the time so hope you will find the website useful and interesting with lots to buy and we look forward to hearing what you think.

The New Website :  The Process  

We began planning our new website in the summer. There were plenty of suggestions from the Boxworth Botanicals  family, hand drawn pictures, near novels about all the herbs and flowers we use ...... but with limited time and the need to make the website colourful and easy to use with all the products it was necessary to be sensible but we wanted our website to clearly show how passionate we are about the power of plants and flowers in our high quality natural products that really work. 

Then one day we met Chloe and Ross! Chloe calmly put order into the chaos and brought to us wonderful fresh ideas about style and colours and knowledge about how to organise the site effectively so that our customers can see across our product range. 

As you can see we have hundreds of products that have never before been photographed so Ross set to work to take bright, detailed and interesting picture sets for us and we hope you agree they are fabulous and quite unique.

We are very fortunate to live close to Cambridge Imprint. Cambridge Imprint design and  produce vibrant and original paper and stationery which we have been allowed to use in our photo shoots as backdrops. We now wrap a range of our soaps  in their paper too. They are so beautiful!  

Putting together the new website has been really interesting and today when I looked through it, I could see how much more we can do to inform and educate our visitors and I also realised which products are still missing... a men’s face cream .. a rose body lotion..... , perhaps you have lots of ideas too that you’d like to share! 

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  • Angela Deavall