Plant Based Skin Care at Boxworth Botanicals

Plant Based Skin Care at Boxworth Botanicals

What Is Plant Based Skin Care?

There is one thing you should know about Boxworth Botanicals - we base everything we do on the power and beneficial properties of plants.

Each cream, made fresh for you here in Cambridge, will have a unique blend of different herbs and flowers that will be light, non-greasy and really look after your skin.

“I love that the cream is chemical free, and has a lovely natural fragrance. I use it as both a day and night cream and it is also great under make up. I would recommend this cream to anyone.”

Recent review on our website, from a customer who uses the Rose & Frankincense Face Cream.

But do you know what is really interesting about making all of our products plant based?

It is what we DO NOT put in them.

No Sulphates

Using sulphates is what makes the foam in your soap. They also dry out the skin, meaning you don’t get any benefit from your skin care products.

Steer clear of anything that doesn't say 'SLS FREE'.

No Petrochemicals

These are substances made from petrol.

It seems ridiculous that we would put that on our skin, but companies make products containing it in various forms.

Even scarier, it is leading to fatalities in the UK - just read this report on the BBC about Skin Creams Linked To Fire Deaths.

No Parabens

Parabens are preservatives used in vast numbers of skin care and beauty products.

Though in use for over 70 years, there is debate that it may stimulate cancer growth.

One side (the people who make their money by using them in their products) say they are completely safe, while others disagree. We are on the disagree side and refuse to take this risk - our plant based skin care, freshly made for you, uses alternatives like lavender or rosemary oil to keep your products fresh.

Before parabens the cosmetic industry used formaldehyde to preserve creams and lotions.

“We don’t want to take a step back to that chemical. Everyone is looking for better alternatives. I’m sure that in the next 10 years, parabens will be phased out.”

Alain Melard, Microbiologist

We choose plant based skin care because it is better for you, better for your health and better for your skin.

Plus, natural fragrance is so uplifting!

3 Plants We Use In Our Skin Care Products & Their Benefit To You


The Rose, a favourite flower of summer and used in a wide variety of ways throughout history - the Romans used it to flavour wine, the Turkish to flavour sweets, the cut flower industry use it as a symbol of love.

Our favourite rose is ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’, a beautiful climber that is nearly thornless, making it a fantastic choice for growing over an arch or doorway as you won’t hurt yourself on it when you walk past.

The scent is heavenly and it is also a great grower in a shady spot.

Rose oil can be used to lift your spirits, while a rose tea is calming and good to ease menstrual complaints. If you have trouble with acne, rose can treat it and during the Second World War rose hips from the filed hedges were a vital source of vitamin C.

Do check out how and why we use Rose with the incredible qualities of Frankincense. They are two fragrances that work together a treat...


The lavender we use in our products is harvested in the UK.

For planting in your garden, you can’t go wrong with the traditional ‘Hidcote’ or ‘Munstead’ varieties. We can also recommend to you Lavender ‘Elizabeth’, a newer variety that has a deep purple flower that will last a long time in the garden.

Place all your lavender in sunshine for the strongest scent. The bees love it and we often trail a hand across a plant or two when we pass, to agitate the fragrance from the leaves.

As a cream it is amazing for your health, which is why it is a vital part of our natural first aid kit. It promotes relaxation, sleep, relief from sunburn, relief from headaches and eases the itchiness from an insect bite.

“It absorbs really quickly… I've got three tubes on the go..handbag, car, bathroom!”
An online review of our Lavender Gel

Lavender Gel

For the culinary fans amongst you, lavender will also make a fine addition to your creme brûlée….


This plant, the most emblematic flower from the North American Prairie, can be a difficult one to grow in your garden.

Not because it needs a lot of love and attention - it doesn’t. But it just happens to be pretty irresistible to slugs as it begins to grow in the spring….

Used extensively in the flower filled borders of Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf echinacea has far more about it than just a plant that sits pretty in the garden or a vase - it has long been used for its healing properties and its benefits to your health.

Native Americans watched wounded elk seek it out and eat it (hence one common name of ‘elk root’) and so, having observed this behaviour, they copied - using it on ailments, injuries, infections and to treat snake bites.

In fact, Echinacea became something of a cure all!

So don’t just use it when you have a sore throat, make sure this wonderful plant helps your health and your skin on a daily basis.

Echinacea Hand and Body Cream | Boxworth Botanicals

“Echinacea is well known for boosting the immune system and keeping colds away.”  Angela, Boxworth Botanicals

Using & Enjoying Plant Based Skin Care

We hope you will see the benefits of a skin care product that, instead of being made with synthetic aromas, petroleum and other nasty chemicals, is plant based and naturally beneficial to your health.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for advice.

We recommend starting with our best seller, the Rose and Frankincense Cream - because who doesn’t like a rose?

Enjoy your plant based skin care!

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