The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect
First of all, Happy New Year to all of our loyal Boxworth Botanicals followers. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and celebrated the start of 2017 in style!

Those of you who know us and our naturally beautiful, effective skin care products, will be aware that we only use the best plant based ingredients combined with 100% pure essential oils. This is the key to providing you with natural, healthy skin and everyday uplifting fragrances for a wonderful feeling of wellness.

Reed Diffuser

For example, if you use our natural reed diffusers, you will know that the moment the fragrance hits the air the scent it releases is pure and natural (and perhaps somewhat intoxicating!).

That is the top quality essential oils in the product at work, lightening your spirits and making you smile as you breathe it in. We firmly believe scent is paramount to the improvement of your health and your mood, which is why 100% pure essential oils are the cornerstone of our product ingredients here at Boxworth Botanicals - and we will not compromise on their quality.

What Happens When You Cut Corners?

The quote below is from Paul Vincent of S.E.H. Kelly, the men’s wear brand in London that (quite unusually) creates clothes made entirely from British fabrics. He is talking about how they moved away from what they value in order to ‘fit in' with the rest of their industry….
“We tried it (reducing quality) for one season, but having to use cheap cloth and cut corners to keep the price down didn’t work for us, and as soon as we stopped doing that we felt at liberty to do what we wanted to do.”
What he says rings true with us at Boxworth Botanicals - we could make a small change, like switching to a cheaper adulterated essential oil with no therapeutic value, but it would lessen the quality and effectiveness of the product, something we will never do!  

All it would do is stop delighting you, our customers.

Hard Frosts, Hurricanes and Essential Oils

Using essential oils in your products can be tricky though. The price of each one is dependent on so many factors - the ease of harvest and extraction, how and where different botanicals are grown, or just simply the effects of the weather.

You may have noticed how the weather affects the scented plants you have at home in your own garden. If you grow rosemary in a shady spot, the fragrance is diluted and weak. Grown in full sun, or gaining additional reflected heat from a patio or stone path, the scent of the rosemary will be far more powerful.

Sunshine and warm weather improves the quality of the essential oils present in the plant.

In 2014 the world supply of lemon oil was devastated by winter frosts in the North West of Argentina. Lemon oil is used in so many products, from perfumes to candles to being the ‘lemony’ taste in your soft drinks. The knock on effect of the cold weather in South America meant the price of lemon oil more than tripled and remaining stock quickly ran out.


But it is not just frost that causes problems - hurricanes can devastate a community as well as the crop that community relies upon. Imagine a grapefruit crop in Florida destroyed by apocalyptic wind and rain. It will lead to a shortage of organic grapefruit oil, which in turn causes prices to rapidly soar.

When A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

Chaos theory suggests that when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane somewhere else.

This cause and effect theory is felt in the health and beauty industry. Our ingredients are so tightly interwoven with the lives of people the world over, that small changes in something as simple as the weather affects our business and what we can then offer you.

100% pure essential oils. That is our promise to you, always has been, always will be.

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  • Angela Deavall