Where To Buy Essential Oils? Try Boxworth Botanicals

Where To Buy Essential Oils? Try Boxworth Botanicals

Essential oils are a huge part of our plant based skin care here at Boxworth Botanicals.

If you want to know:

  • Where to use the oils
  • What advantages you get from using the oils
  • How to make sure you use the oils safely
  • And which oils we make available for you

Then you have come to the right place. 

As a bonus, we will even give you 2 recommendations for the best oils to try if you are choosing an essential oil for the first time.

Or you can try one recommended by a Boxworth Botanicals customer….

Lemongrass Essential Oil Recommendation

Essential Oils - How Do You Use Them?

You use them throughout the home or on the body. They are powerful gifts of nature though, so please be aware that you don’t need much!

First up, try them in the bath. Run a warm bath, open up the bottle and put jut 4 or 5 drops into the hot water. The fragrance will quickly fill the room and help you relax.

If you wish to rid a room of germs then use a burner with a tea light - again add just 4 or 5 drops of oil diluted with water, light the candle and enjoy the scent as it diffuses across the room. Using essential oils this way really does cleanse the atmosphere, making the home feel more like a home.

Finally, essential oils can be used as muscle rubs. The pure essential oils we sell are a much better idea to help with muscular soreness than the remedy that came to light recently on the BBC Sport website, suggested by Felix Magath, the former Fulham Football Club manager.

He told a player to use cream cheese. Honestly….

Here at Boxworth Botanicals, we suggest 100% essential oils. Because it will actually help you.

Please note that essential oils must be added to a carrier oil, not applied directly to the skin (okay okay, that is not quite true - lavender and tea tree can be applied ‘neat’, but we suggest it is good practise to mix them with a carrier before use. It would also be wise to try a patch test first, to make sure the oil does not cause any irritation.

For further advice on the safe use of these powerful natural gifts, visit our Essential Oils Safety Information page.

The carrier oil we sell here at Boxworth Botanicals is Sweet Almond Carrier Oil. It blends well and is safe to use. Make sure you add it to your cart at checkout so you can get the most from your essential oils.

Available Essential Oils from Boxworth Botanicals

Brace yourselves fine followers of Boxworth Botanicals because here comes the list of Essential Oils you can buy from us - we know it is a wide range, but don’t panic if you are wondering where you should start - if you read further down this post you will find our 2 recommendations….

The Full List:

Tea Tree
Clary Sage
Sweet Orange

Phew! Quite a choice!

To help you choose the perfect oil for you, here are 2 we recommend starting with…

Essential Oil Recommendations from Boxworth Botanicals

The first is Frankincense.

Frankincense Essential Oil | Boxworth Botanicals

It is a tree that needs very little water to grow, so is found in the driest parts of Somalia and Ethiopia. You may not know Frankincense oil is being used in research as a cancer prevention treatment, but will most certainly recognise it as one of the gifts given by the wise men to the baby Jesus.

This oil can be used to relieve anxiety, fight wrinkles, heal dry or cracked skin and of course, refresh a room.

It may be unusual, but Frankincense oil is an amazing scent to have in your life. For more benefits, we wrote a handy blog post here about Frankincense Essential Oil.

Our second recommendation to you is Lavender Oil….

Lavender Essential Oil | Boxworth Botanicals

Lavender oil is well-known, a ‘go to’ kind of fragrance that can be used in so many ways - from helping you to sleep, soothing itchy skin, or flavouring your food - it is so great it can even be used as part of a natural first aid kit!

Make this easy to use, popular essential oil the building block of your store cupboard of useful fragrances. Alongside the Frankincense, it is these two we recommend you starting with.

Learn more about why we love Lavender Essential Oil.

Boxworth Botanicals Essential Oils

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about essential oils. Please do contact us if you want to know more, we are happy to help and share all we can about these amazing, natural oils, that can do so much to improve your health and your home.

Ready to try one?

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