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Time Away Travel Set

Product Description

Another of our really useful travel kits with 3 x 30ml pumps to last you through your trip, makes a great gift for someone going away,  the calendula  is good for dry irritated skin and sunburn  The lavender  helps you to sleep and relax and keeps the skin moisturised . The foot  cream  is so good after a long day out.

We hope you find it useful !

 Happy travels

It is always best to store creams, gels and oils in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight or extreme temperatures. Many of the products are delicate, for example the hydrosol skin tonics which ideally are best stored in the fridge after opening. This helps them to last longer and of course they are lovely and cool for the skin.

In most cases we would recommend keeping them away from children unless they are specifically for children. Please avoid contact with the eyes and if you have any concerns we recommend  that you do a patch test to check for any reaction.

For external use only.

All of our products are natural or organic and contain active ingredients.