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Give Your Skin A Winter Glow

Give Your Skin A Winter Glow

Cold weather can be tough on our skin.

We often find the nourishing ritual we use in summer to make sure we have a healthy glow is no longer working for us during the winter months.

There is nothing unusual in this. The skin is our largest organ and our face and hands are exposed to whatever the seasonal elements can bring.

What we need to know is:

  • What is the cold weather of winter doing to our skin?
  • How can we adapt our skincare regime to cope?

Because we all want healthy, glowing skin at any time of the year, right?

Dry Skin In Winter

In winter, skin can become sore, dry and cracked. This is because the atmosphere in our homes, restaurants, shops, cars and trains in winter is always so so dry, because the radiators are on blasting out hot air. We then go outside and face a complete change in temperature, with cold winds and freezing temperatures. It really is tough for our skin, so we must make sure it stays hydrated.

Drink lots of water, have plant-based oils in your diet (like olive oil, pure sunshine from a bottle!) and use the best plant-inspired skin care.

One of our top tips for helping your skin in winter is to rehydrate it with a facial oil like our Organic Rosehip Oil

Another good tip for your skin in winter is to be eating fresh berries and leafy greens like kale, because they are full of anti-oxidants. You can also try our Organic Acai and Goji Berry Face Wash, a cooling face wash enriched with fruit extracts, antioxidants and vitamins. 

But in reality your winter skin will need an effective nurturing cream for protection and a real moisturising boost.

We have spent many years perfecting our creams here at Boxworth Botanicals, because we wanted them to be as natural and beneficial to your skin as possible. They are perfect for your winter skin, as our customers will tell you:

"My daughter has sore and cracked hands and has found this cream to be the best she has used to sooth and heal them. And it smells good too!" This was said about our Lavender and Tea Tree Cream.

Our bestselling Geranium and Lime Hand and Body Cream is a top recommendation from our customers:

"A little goes a long way, leaving your skin feeling super nourished and beautifully scented. A must-have beauty product."

This is our hand cream for the gardening fans amongst you:

"This was a gift and I love it. After only a coupe of days it rid me of my dry, rough fingers. Leaves your hands feeling so soft..."

Consider Using Sweet Almond Oil

As a snack, almonds are filled with 'good for you' fats like Omega 3. This fat is what makes almonds so good for your health, but also makes almond oil a really smoothing body moisturiser, perfect for combating winter dryness.

If your skin is easily irritated, then sweet almond oil eases any sore and dry looking patches. Simply massage over your body after a shower or bath. You could also add a few drops of lavender or frankincense essential oils, to gain the mood altering benefits of their healing fragrances too. 

Removing Dead Skin To Help Your Skin Glow

If you think your skin is looking grey, then treat yourself to a long bath. 

We recommend adding Himalayan bath salts to your tub. When you have warmed your skin through, revitalise and rejuvenate it with a body scrub. This leaves you with a lovely, fresh, pink glow. 

As we mentioned above, drink lots of water afterwards to rehydrate.

We hope this guide gives you some inspiration for your winter skincare routine, and gives your skin the best chance to glow as we head into spring. 


Photo by REGINE THOLEN on Unsplash
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