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Boxworth Botanical Team

About Us

We like fresh air and wild places and of course beautiful fragrant plants. 

Sharing our passion for nature, flowers and herbs and essential oils with you, through our beautiful range of natural skincare and botanical gifts is second nature to us. It's not just because they smell wonderful but plants and oils with their healing properties have been beneficial to the skin for centuries, making you look and feel good and creating a sense of wellbeing. 

Sometimes the old ways are the best!

It just takes us time to realise ...

You will know that chemical fragrances are a part of daily life now but more and more research is telling us how unhealthy and potentially dangerous this can be. We believe natural fragrance and skincare is the way forward and we want you to believe this too.

Some time ago ...

So it began years ago when one day our daughter asked if there might be a cream to stop the itching on her legs and so we began with our first pot of Nourishing cream - still a bestseller today. 

We have been working with essential oils and herbs for over 20 years, mixing blends, and adding into our family first aid kit of lavender and tea tree, peppermint, aloe vera and arnica and the odd plaster or two if you're lucky!


We make a wide range of skincare and an ever growing range of gifts enjoyed in the gardens of England and as far as Japan.

For the future

We have many ideas for beautiful uplifting skincare and gifts, oh and after a wonderful holiday in Scotland this year we think we might try a bit of fly fishing for something new!

Angela, Rod and Linda

The Boxworth Botanicals Team