Spend an extra 5 minutes on your face today!

Spend an extra 5 minutes on your face today!

A good investment for these late winter days

New in....

Acai and Goji Berry Face Wash

Acai and Goji Berry Cooling Face Wash

A new product this month for Boxworth Botanicals is our Acai and Goji Cooling Face Wash.

This organic cooling face wash is enriched with a blend of Acai and Goji Berry fruit extracts to cleanse and improve the skin.

Acai Berries which come from the Acai Palm native to Central and South America are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, giving the skin the moisture and essential nutrients for a young fresh glow.

Goji Berries grow on a small shrub and are harvested from China, Tibet and Mongolia.

They have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and have many health benefits.

The infusion with Goji Berry extract helps to reduce inflammation and redness, improves circulation, increases elasticity, slows up the ageing process and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a brighter, younger looking complexion.

As well as the great fruit extracts, to really maximise the benefits of this face wash we also add coconut oil, avocado oil and apricot kernel oils  for richness and nourishment.

How to use the face wash

First wet the face with water, gently massage the face wash into the skin and then rinse off.

Try our new Acai and Goji Cooling Face Wash today.


Why not take five minutes to finish off with one of our pure skin tonics and then moisturise with luxurious Rose and Frankincense face cream for naturally beautiful skin.

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  • Angela Deavall