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Fighting Off Zambian Black Ants With Lavender Gel

Fighting Off Zambian Black Ants With Lavender Gel

When our good friend Janet left for Zambia on a teaching mission she took with her oodles of wonderful resources for teachers and children and in her pocket...a pot of Lavender Gel! I was delighted to hear that the visiting teachers and the local staff discovered that by rubbing it on their legs it stopped the itching from the awful bites from the Zambian black ants. They said it was cooling calming and healing! Brilliant news that something so simple was such a great help. Needless to say, more pots of it have been sent out with more teachers.  



I am always going on about this blend. It's also great for anxiety, getting off to sleep, and it will heal minor burns in no time.

Lavender Gel is also in our 'medicine chest in a pot' so my advice is don't go too far without some!


Photo by Janine Joles on Unsplash

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