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How To Use Essential Oils Safely

How To Use Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils are powerful gifts of nature which sometimes can be stronger than you realise. This guide will help you to use essential oils safely. It is important to read information about oils before you use them.

  • Although Lavender and Tea Tree (the only two oils) can be applied neat to the    skin it is still wise to add them to a carrier oil to dilute them before use.
  • A carrier oil is a vegetable oil, for example, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil or Jojoba oil that is used to dilute essential oils. Here at Boxworth Botanicals we use Sweet Almond Carrier Oil.
  • If you experience some irritation when you use the oils, stop using them and apply a carrier oil to the affected area. Remember to perform a patch test before using the oil again.
  • Only use oils that are safe and non toxic and for someone who is pregnant it is best not to use them at all unless you are an expert or have been advised by a medical doctor. 
  • Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, genitals.
  • Follow the proper usage guides for each oil and start slowly. You only need one or two drops because essential oils are very powerful.
  • Many essential oils are useful for use on children but should always be diluted first.
  • You should always be careful to ask a medical practitioner if you can use oils if you have a medical condition where there could be an adverse reaction.
  • Take care and enjoy the benefits of using essential oils in the home, for wellness and for natural beauty.


This is a very general guide. For more detailed advice do get in touch.

Facial massage/skincare 1-3      5ml (1 tsp.)
General massage 5-10 15ml (3 tsp.)
Localised areas max.    10 10ml (2 tsp.)
Baths/footbaths max.          6  bowl or bath
Always make sure you don’t exceed the recommended number of drops when using the oils on the body.
Take a look at the range of Essential Oils and Carrier Oil from Boxworth Botanicals, what will you try first?




Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash

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