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A Guide To Frankincense Essential Oil

A Guide To Frankincense Essential Oil

Uses and Benefits

Frankincense oil is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia Carterii trees that grow in dry desolate conditions in Somalia. The tree unusually requires very little water to grow successfully. The resin is steam distilled to release the wonderful essential oil.

Indian frankincense Boswellia Serrata is the subject of many current pieces of research about cancer prevention and treatment.

To most of us we know Frankincense as being one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the wise men. It has always been considered to be a very precious oil with great healing properties.

It has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a natural household cleaner because it’s very good at killing bacteria and makes a good disinfectant. Just add a few drops to a spray bottle full of water, give it a shake and use.

The secret to using all essential oils is to understand that essential oils are extremely powerful plant oils and can be as much as 80 times stronger and more effective than standard disinfectant products... so it is important to only use a few drops, it’s all you need.

Fragrancing and Refreshing a Room

Our Frankincense and Lavender reed diffuser is designed not only to naturally fragrance a room and induce peace and relaxation but in the background it works as an antiseptic to remove bacteria and reduce viral infections.

You can make this combination yourself at home quite simply by just taking a piece of cloth or a tissue and adding 3 drops of Lavender oil and 3 drops of Frankincense oil and leaving it in a warm place, near a radiator, for example.

Don’t forget - don’t put the tissue directly onto furniture. Apart from reed diffusers you can use aromatherapy blends like this one, in oil burners or Aromatherapy diffusers.

Frankincense to Relieve Anxiety

Add a few drops (maximum 6) to the bath for stress relief. The oil is well known for relieving anxiety and creating a wonderful feeling of calm and peacefulness. Or you can add some drops to a tissue and leave it by the side of the bath or shower.

Frankincense for the Skin, Anti-Ageing, Fights the Wrinkles!

The oil is a powerful astringent, meaning that it helps to protect skin cells. It can help to reduce the appearance of large pores, prevents wrinkles and it can lift and tighten skin to slow the signs of ageing. It also can be used anywhere where skin is beginning to sag because it strengthens and improves skin tone and elasticity. It one of the very best oils to use on the face when mixed with a beautiful carrier oil like sweet almond or with Rose as we do in our anti-ageing Rose and Frankincense face cream range.

The oil is well known for being helpful with the healing of wounds, decreasing the appearance of scars and age spots when used regularly. It is especially good too for healing dry and cracked skin!

Frankincense for Pain Relief and as an Anti-Inflammatory

A Frankincense cream or oil mix is really useful for improving circulation and joint pain such as arthritis. At home you can make a small mixture of oil with a carrier oil (our safety sheet and dosage table on the blog will help) and then massage this into muscles, joints, feet and also all around the neck. Use this two or three times a day for some relief.

Frankincense for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

There is mounting evidence and considerable new research, especially from the United States about Frankincense as a possible cure for some cancers and there is work on the discovery of a chemical compound found in Frankincense called AKBA that may be successful in killing cancer cells that are resistant to Chemotherapy.

Frankincense can be a powerful natural healer

PLEASE NOTE that Frankincense should always be combined with an unperfumed carrier oil or cream and should not be used neat on the skin. When used at home it is for adult use only.



Photo by volant on Unsplash

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