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Rose & Frankincense Face Cream

Rose & Frankincense Face Cream

Our most popular cream is the Rose and Frankincense face cream. Discover here why rose will improve your skin, and how Frankincense is such an amazing oil...
Our Lavender Gel - Soothes Headaches, Calms The Skin

Our Lavender Gel - Soothes Headaches, Calms The Skin

One of the most useful products in our range is the Lavender Gel. It is good for reducing the throb of headaches, rubbing into the skin as relief for sunburn, or just inhaling gently to help you get to sleep.
Lavender Gel - Don't Go On Holiday Without It!

Lavender Gel - Don't Go On Holiday Without It!

This is a quick note we were sent by a customer of ours here at Boxworth Botanicals, who buys lots of lavender gel from us whenever she travels.

She really does recommend that you don’t go on holiday without it!

Your Lavender Gel has proved invaluable in so many ways. It has helped me:
  • Ease mosquito bites in Cambodia (after every other cream had failed and I had bites the size of dinner plates!)
  • Soothe heat rash and sunburn in New Zealand.
  • Relieve headaches.
  • Aid sleep on planes.
  • Calm itchy chilblains in Canada, when the temperature was -23 degrees!
  • Heal the infected bites from Zambian black ants in the burning sun of Zambia.
Can I also recommend the natural lip balm too? It goes everywhere with me and has been used to clear up blisters, protect cuticles and even act as a lubricant to keep my camera lens cover working when it got damaged by sand.
You must buy these to put into your own travel bag... I won't go anywhere without them!
To find out more about lavender in skincare have a look at this blog here.
The Power of Fragrance

The Power of Fragrance

Freshly mown grass.


Bread straight out of the oven.

Fragrance can play an enormous part in how you feel. Read on to find out the importance of the power of fragrance for Boxworth Botanicals and our products.